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FREE North Carolina DMV Permit Practice Test Four 2019 | NC

Welcome to our fourth North Carolina Permit Practice Test! We designed it with one single thing in mind: helping you get ready and PASS your NC Permit Test with flying colors! We have used the same scoring and grading methods as the DMV, so you can be sure there will be no surprizes when you go to take the real test. The test is based on the official North Carolina Driver’s Handbook. We have also considered feedback from NC users who already passed this test.
You are encouraged to take this test as many times as needed until you feel you’re ready! There is no guarantee that you’ll get the exact same questions at the real DMV test because the DMV randomly picks their questions from a huge database of questions, but your chances are still high if you use our tests. This test contains 40 multiple-choice questions, each with four answers. When not sure, click the Hint link. If you still make a mistake, the system will display the correct answer as well as an explanation.
If you find this test helpful, please do let your friends know by recommending it on Facebook, so that they can get ready for their tests, too. Good luck!

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