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FREE NC DMV Practice Test 2019

Here’s our NC DMV Practice Test that will help you get ready for your North Carolina DMV Permit Test. The test contains 40 multiple-choice questions that are very likely to appear on the real test. All the questions is based on this year’s NC Driver’s Handbook so you can be 100% sure you’re studying using the latest materials possible. Choose one of the four answers below that best answers the question. You’re most welcome to use the hints (find one below each question). However, there will be no such luxury as hints on the actual test. Even if the hint didn’t help and you still picked the wrong answer, our system will show you the correct answer immediately as well as an explanation -- before you can proceed to the next question. You can take this (and other available NC permit practice tests on Driving-Tests.org) as many times as you want, everything is free and we don’t even require registration!
Please remember to ‘LIKE’ this test using the Facebook like button so that your friends can take the challenge, too! You’ll also have an option to share your score on Facebook once you’ve completed the test -- please take a minute to do so, we would really appreciate that. Happy studying! This free practice test will help you pass you DMV test and get behind the wheel in no time!

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